I’m so thankful for you and the amazing people I’ve connected with online over the years. Thank you for being in my life.

As we start a new year it’s more important than ever to remember that you’ve got to stay motivated

In these economic times it’s vital to rise above your circumstances and stand out from the pack.

To help you simplify, clarify, & execute your goals I have been working closely with my internal team and we have developed an exclusive program to help you accelerate your growth & incinerate your competition.

This program includes my 7 Power Strategies to IGNITE your Purpose, Passion, Presence, and Profit creating massive success in your life and business.

The entrepreneurs I have mentored over the years have reached extreme levels of success that they previously thought were unattainable. They were ready and willing to be coached and the results show! And now I’d like to offer you the same opportunity.


1. Are willing to step up and step in to play a higher role, serve a higher purpose, and make a higher income

2. Are (or would like to become) a catalyst for conscious leadership and change

3. Are willing to commit to personal growth, leadership, business & sales mastery

4. Are excited about the idea of maximizing your potential and reaching your goals

5. Want to propel your business to 6-7 figures

6. Excel in a group environment where everyone is committed at the highest level to supporting & encouraging one another to work towards personal, professional, and financial freedom

7. Have made a declaration that you will accept NOTHING less than the results you desire in the areas you desire them and are willing to do the work it takes, and make the changes it requires to create that success


1. You like to buy "get rich quick" stuff or expect to "get rich quick"

2. You enjoy stability, comfort, control, & your current results

3. You are lazy or complacent

4. You have no ability or desire to actually help people & make a difference

5. You thrive on fear, failure, & negativity


Confidence Trust Charisma Potential
Humility Development Purpose Performance
Integrity Productivity Presence Success
Creativity Vitality Passion Joy
Innovation Awareness Brand Equity Prosperity
Accountability Sales Collaboration Love
Commitment Profits Certainty Health
Experiences Margins Effectiveness Influence
Team Work Energy And So Much More!  

The value of this program is well over $1,000.00 but we won’t be charging that.

As our way of saying thank-you for your support & commitment to growth you can make a one-time investment of $49.

This is a LIMITED TIME offer available to the first 100 students.

You will receive the new EXCLUSIVE content and training each Tuesday morning on a weekly basis for 7 weeks beginning Jan 15th. You will have unlimited access to this content and can reference it anytime.

As a bonus you will also be invited to participate in an invitation only 90 minute G+ Hangout LIVE alongside myself, my friends, mentors, and protégés’ which will be recorded for on-demand access; where you can ask us your most burning leadership, sales, and personal growth questions and address any concerns or problems you may be facing in your life or business.

After this sale is over we will be making the program available to the public for $297. Please note this is pre-registration for a product that is currently being developed because you get exclusive access first this is a limited time offer and you should act now before it’s too late.

*No Physical Product will be Mailed to you.

This Entire Product will be delivered to you via an online membership site*